Free Wikis with No Advertising

Free, no ads, basic wiki site.

Free wiki space when you sign up for a blog. Site is for teachers, trainers, lecturers, librarians, and other education professionals.

Peanut Butter Wiki*
No ads, password-protected, 5 GB of storage, public or private, a password is always required to make edits, design templates, custom Web addresses.

No ads. Images can be uploaded and resized online. Full toolbar for formatting the page. Also has space for a wiki that can be formatted to look like a blog.

2 GB of storage. Public or protected (only members can edit). Full-featured wikis (no ads, ability for private wikis for only members’ use, custom themes) for education are free (limited to 100,000 educators). Those with satellite Internet cannot view wiki pages on this site.

Zoho Wiki*
Free word processing-like wiki that is included in the suite of web-based applications provided by Zoho. Easy-to-use toolbar for editing.